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Books that may help us explore and understand grief

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    I am reading a beautiful memoir by Clover Stroud, about the unexpected death of her sister, Nell, called “The Red of my Blood: A Death and Life Story.” It explores how the author attempts to navigate life after loss, learning to bear the unbearable as best she can. It is beautiful, heart-rendering writing, and I leave this here with the hope that some may take comfort and understanding from another’s words.
    Please continue to recommend/suggest books that have helped you, or that you feel may help others

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    Thank you everyone for this safe place, to express our pain, to be with others who truely are struggling daily….
    After reading the poem posted here, from and about a grieving mumma, I did get Joanne cacciatories book called bearing the unbearable, it’s given me confidence to grieve openly, for the most part this world is closed to the grieving and the shocking ongoing pain of our losses.
    I am recommending her work as the necessary big step to shining an awareness to the worlds pain, which needs to be seen and heard….which is mostly ignored. The words reach you as a hopeful place of moving through grief with an open heart toward a more compassionate and caring world for all….I hope I can get there some day….to be honest it’s the only book I’ve been able to read so far….
    You may not realise she’s a more recent handbook also, called grieving is loving, the title says it all, I’ve found it to be a comfort to remind me all the time my grief is valid and it’s like having a caring saint beside you saying it’s okay to be as you are, a small book easily carried about.
    Really like to hear how this helps others as well….
    Written by a grieving mumma however it’s totally for all types and stages of us here, I just wish every person could read it….
    Love and gentle hugs to all

    VM – OnAJourney

    Dear Deb
    Thank you for sharing this – I was not aware of Joanne Cacciatore and her books but the title ‘Grieving is Loving’ certainly rings very true to me and I will definitely make sure I will get hold of that book. Sounds like a really good resource for you with a clear message that what you experience and are going through is valid and has its place. I know that it is hard for a lot of people to be with their own pain or be with the pain of others. Having it validated that this pain and grief we experience is also a sign of our love we have for the person who passed away can make the pain a little bit more bearable. And showing up with this pain we experience can help others to feel validated in their grief as well. It takes courage, thank you for showing this courage and enabling these conversations.
    Love and gentle hugs right back.


    Thank you onajourney for your thoughts and kind message….
    Your forum here is just so important! thank you all, for the space to be held here if not for you I think I’d be a lot worse off…..and I’ve just discovered that you sponsor good mourning! Which I found, who knows how! Although it’s such a struggle to even listen, as always worried about how I’ll be affected, that’s given me an avenue to help my family as we are listening together….so grateful to all here

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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