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Anniversary of passing

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    Christmas is a Happy/sad time for me, my husband of 57yrs passed away 5th Dec, I had to perform CPR until the ambulance arrived, our Anniversary on 12th, funeral 15th than Christmas Day, I try and remember the good times it’s been 3yrs this year and I still cry at the drop of a teary just writing this down, To make it worse 6mths after my husband passed away my eldest son had a triple bypass than 3mths after that my 2nd son had a heart stent fitted, both of them very active with sports. sorting out my husband’s clothing etc., I had dealings with the house insurance company over a split dishwasher hose which damaged the floor, moved from a 2-story house to a smaller home as I couldnt maintain the property by myself. Plus, I attended 3 funerals of friends. I’m not feeling sorry for myself I know some people are worse off than me. and I don’t like to burden my 3 Children, as they are doing their own grieving.

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    I’m so sorry for the loss and the hard times you have had to go through. Your husband would be looking down on you with pride and love. It sounds like you are a fighter you have gotten through each day and will continue to do so. Believe in yourself and I hope you have an okay Christmas Day and can remember your husband with a smile ❤️


    Hi Maureen, yes anniversaries can be difficult times. I hope your sons are now in better health as you all progress on your grief journey of adapting to your new lives. I’m sure some of the tasks you are doing have been informed by your husband’s contribution to your life, so in that sense he is still present and his gifts ongoing.

    Remember you and your family can ring Griefline anytime from 8am-8pm 7 days a week or book a call, and you may find some of the resources helpful at


    Hi Maureen,

    I am so sorry that you are going through so much all at once. It is quite disheartening that you are facing so much all at once. Considering the funeral and anniversary were so close together must have been a tough thing to face. Conflicting days of grief and happy memories is too complex for us to process. We are human beings after all. There is no one way or another to face this. We move through it as we can. Being tender and kind to ourself at such times is important. Grief makes you forget self-love sometimes. You are saying you are not feeling sorry for yourself. But Maureen, there are no judgments here. You have simply stated the line of events which are quite sad which you have had no choice in dealing with. While your sons may not be in the best form to support you please remember that you are alone. Times of grief are challenging and we are here for you. Feel free to post here on this forum at any time. Feel free to call us. We need support at times like this and there is nothing wrong is seeking that. Merry Christmas to you sweet soul! Keep moving through this and remember that you are not alone.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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