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13 tips to help cope with grief

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    Good to hear from you Manchal, thank you for sharing this along side all the other recourses here, sometimes just something else to read is helpful and reassuring. Thank you very much
    Love to you


    Hi all,

    this is a short one, but I couldn’t resist adding this as it speaks to the heart of grief, for me:

    “Death leaves a heartache difficult to heal;
    Love leaves sweet memories no one can steal.”

    It was written sometime before 1889, it was found written on a tombstone in Ireland. And for me, it says so much; death can steal much from us, but it can’t take our memories or the love we that was felt and given. Those are gifts for eternity, and ours to treasure. The heartache is real and so hard to deal with – but the gift is with us too.

    Take care, all


    Hi all,

    I found this app recently, and thought it was a good resource to share here. See:

    It is a grief support app, a safe place to share memories, virtual hugs and tips. You can post about your loved one, and support others who have lost someone too.

    I hope it helps some of you.


    This is great, thank you for the tips. Does anyone perhaps have tips for children going through grief or any other resources? Or perhaps advice for moms with children experiencing grief?


    Thanks for the resource

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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