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Hey @tiashayne,

Wonderful to hear from you.

So sorry to hear that today is not easy for you. I always found the day to day realities (like closing bank accounts) to be some of my darker moments. It can often feel like things are getting back to “normal” (whatever that is) and then suddenly something happens and it is back to the day they left.

I am so happy that you are being supported by wonderful friends and family, being able to lean on people is so important and it sounds like Shayne is a part of that. I think keeping him close, talking to him, feeling his guidance is a really important part of your grief process. Sometimes I even write letters, or I have been known to see my loved ones in birds! It might sound a little odd, but I am of the belief that if it makes you feel better then just go with it!

I am so glad you responded, you are not alone, and if you need extra support you can always call griefline on 1300 845 745.

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