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Dear Jenv,

How very heartbroken you must be feeling for the tragic loss of your friend and his wife.

Your current emotions of possible disbelief, numbness, anger and crying are normal experiences of grief and loss and each person experiences it differently. These intense feelings can make it hard to think at times when you become overwhelmed by the sensations that your body experiences.

With the up-and-coming funerals, you may experience an outpouring of grief and loss due to the tragic loss of lives which will impact so many families and friends.

Some tips Griefline has for you during this time are to reach out to others for comfort and compassion and allow yourself some quiet time when you need it to deal with your feelings. Reach out to new people, spiritual if so inclined, work EPAs if offered, and the griefline forum (which you have done). Allow yourself to cry – the outpouring is necessary for the body to heal, and engage in your normal routine this helps with a sense of purpose during a time that can seem surreal.

During this time please reach out to griefline helpline 1800 845 745 and lifeline 13 11 14 for additional support. Griefline website has a number of resources that can be helpful. Book a call (on our website) for a date and time that suits you especially leading up to or after the funerals so that you have additional support to help you during this time.

You are not alone and you have been heard.

Be kind to yourself and take care during this mourning period.

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