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Hi jc39,
just checking in with you since your last post – hoping the weekend was ok and that your day today was better again. Similar to what you described I experienced guilt and pain after we had our beautiful staffy, Darcy, put down over 10 years ago. I’m grateful we were able to end his suffering humanely but I still feel bad about the months leading up to it (medical procedures which, in hindsight, I wish we had never agreed to). But I’ve learned to forgive myself with the knowledge that we did what we thought was right at the time and Darcy’s life was made up of so many happier, sweeter times than just his last 6 months.
Thank you, Jc39 for beginning this conversation with your courage to share. Thank you Ladybug and Lollie for your replies, full of kindness to help light the way ahead for Jc39. I didn’t realise I had needed to share this aspect of my experience until I read your post, talking about your sweet Moose, Jc39. And so, through your loss, for which I am very sorry, you have helped others. Thank you.

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