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Dear Moon,
Sitting here, reading your message, a beautiful wedge tail eagle flys above, and around me, thankyou Sayge….grateful to you for staying with me, totally get the lack of capacity, we are just so drained of anything giving, however we do keep trying when we can and here we know we are heard, non judgementally, seen and acknowledged, to endure another day……or even this moment, here, we are giving to others who we may just help a little…..I’ve been going to mums, just gardening for her, being a very troubled relationship though it’s hard for me as she’s so not able to show kindness etc, and there I never feel safe, it’s just a loving act to support her frailty, I hope on some deep level it’s helping, all about giving love, as I said I go when I feel capable…..
Yes always outside, really quiet not much to say just looking up communing with all I see and feel helping my Archer as he creates, such an emptiness in our days, without our funny chatty oh so gracious humble Sayge, the missing is endless…..
Thinking of you
Thinking of Jeremy, and you all getting through their birth day.
Such sadness for such a loving mother Moon.
If you are the crazy bird lady, I think I’m the wandering weeping weeder.
So better that than some closed off hardened heart I say….
May our hearts lead the way
Wherever that may be

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