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Hi Deb, oh yes please absolutely claim that orb of rainbow colours as Sayge orbiting you ! I know I sounded like a crazy bird lady, but even every butterfly that comes near me, I say out loud ‘thank-you Jeremy’. I know you find your peace in nature also, that’s the only place I can receive any ‘signs’. If anyone else says to me ‘your child would want you to be happy’ I’d have nothing to say, (but a thousand swear words going through my head haha) but when I get these little gifts, I prefer to think of my son saying how much he loved to see me smile, and wants to see it again. He understands my anguish, is with me constantly, but I do feel a little lighter when I let myself just be for a minute.
You are always in my thoughts, but I suppose I just got sick of listening to myself, so stopped posting. I’m someone who would reply to every post, in the past, but don’t have capacity anymore, I can only relate to bereaved parents now. That’s how I noticed Gracie’s post, you both lost your teenage daughters, same age as I did, my son.
omg he should be 21 next week, how is his twin sister going to cope? I’d have so much more to share if you were sitting beside me, will try to find another song instead x

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