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Hello dear Gracie, hi dearest Friend Moon,
All others, sadly here, how I wish our children were here……I’m not doing well, how to, no clue, just the hope others like us can somehow be together, that is all….
I’m still here checking in, feeling deeply our losses which are impossible to bare, really every waking moment….
Ohhh Gracie n Moon how I’d love to just sit and bear witness to our pain together, over cups of tears which are endless, then the heaviness of daily life… be really honest I haven’t found any adjustment and am a tired totalled mess, here Gracie you are safe to express and we are here to offer true empathy and care for you in these, impossible days. Without Moon being by my side all these days with her comfort and songs, I don’t think I could have managed this far, Gracie my hope is you will find comfort in our shared anguish, in a world that seems to forget us, here always to share….
Our care comes to you from a deeply sorry understanding space
Love to you today Gracie, love to you Moon always holding you close.

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