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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Struggling to cope with loss of husband Reply To: Struggling to cope with loss of husband


Hello @tiashayne
Losing your husband so suddenly is bound to have a massive impact psychologically and physically and so it is expected that you would be struggling so soon after your loss. You may like to look at our website ( under the Resources tab at the top of the page as there are fact sheets that have a range of tips for coping with grief. The link below will take you to the page.

One of the factsheets you might want to read is in the link below

Coping with Grief

One of the things that can help us to cope with grief is reaching out for support and by posting this message you have already taken a step in that direction.
For additional support you can also ring the Griefline helpline on 1300 845 745 between 8am and 8pm (AEDT) or book a call via our website ( see the tab for Book a Call on the left top corner of the webpage below)


I encourage you to continue to post on this forum and/or seek further support as mentioned above.

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