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@Jenn, I’m so sorry about your loss, which I can hear is still such an incredible shock for you.
I can feel your pain and isolation and how you’re trying to cope in this strange new world without your person. Jigsaw puzzles can be soothing, calming when life feels overwhelming.
It’s important to be gentle with yourself through this and take one step at a time.
Reaching out and asking for help is a great start as being connected with others is part of our healing. Your post shows strength in this, in reaching out.
Given friends / family support has dropped off, which is normal over time, it may help to talk about your person, your feelings and thoughts, with someone who isn’t connected with your life. Calling us on 1300 845 745 may help provide some reassurance and support with working out what you need from here.
I hope this post helps in some small way.

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