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Hello dear Jenn
Deb here (my sweet Sayge), just to share sadly with you today,
This is all so shockingly recent for you my love, and I think it’s really brave of you to speak your truth, when we lose our most precious loves, it feels and is catastrophic, you are right to feel how you feel….I too have and do struggle daily to feel that spiritual connection, and without any the loving folks around you, just to hold you where you are !! feel’s inescapably terrifying…. ,. No thing makes any sense anymore, our only hope is this pain will show the way to a more compassionate world where we can feel cared for in a helpful and caring way, that’s how I hold on, I hope here in these pages you find some care and sustenance,
Love to you Jenn. Today and all days and nights, you are never truely alone

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