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Dear Indigo,

thank you for reaching out and sharing your experiences. You have described so many difficult losses within a short time – I want to acknowledge the courage and strength you have shown through such traumatic circumstances. Any one of those losses (loss of your Mum, marriage breakdown and divorce, family breakdown) would be enough on their own but to experience them altogether – it must be incredibly painful. How are you? In the absence of your family who can you turn to for emotional support? Perhaps good friends or a counselor?
Life is easier to manage when it makes sense however when we experience such traumatic losses it is hard to make sense of them. Indigo, please be gentle on yourself and remember that we are here at Griefline Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm (1300 845 745) to listen and walk alongside part of the journey with you. We also have lots of resources on the website, which may be helpful to you.
If you’re ready to talk, we are here, ready to listen. You are not alone, Indigo. Please let us know how you are today.

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