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Hi Sandy,

I shed a few tears, but also felt moments of joy in reading of the beautiful and loving bond you and Abbey shared. My take aways were the unique and enduring love that you shared with Abbey. You were both blessed to find each other and have 10 lovely years. Abbey’s illnesses were tragic, but you were there for her for every moment and did all that you possibly could. Fo 10 years, it sounds like you gave Abbey the best life she could ever have possibly dreamed of. And, at the end you ensured that you and Abbey had one final night of love and a chance to say goodbye. That is very beautiful and special. Your resilience shines through in helping your other animals to learn to live without your and their best friend in the midst of your own deep grief. That’s a big achievement. Most importantly you kept your promise to never let Abbey suffer and gave her a beautiful life. I hope you always hold on to that.

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