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Hello Sandy,

Thank you for sharing about your very beautiful and poignant journey with your Abbey. How very beautiful that, as you say, you provided her with a new start and a new name. It sounds like she found a real homecoming into your heart and life with you, and also with family members and the other pets you mention. I hope you can be gentle on yourself as you navigate these heart-breaking days after the loss and continue to reach out and share and/or find strength in whatever supports you. It can of course be so very hard to see other pets grieve, as they do. Perhaps something here might be of support for you – I’ve also just been reading a few sources about pets grieving and some suggestions include sticking to pets’ usual routines, distracting them with outings etc, giving them lots of affection and grooming, which can comfort both them and you. But you will know what can work best for them as you continue to love and look after them and yourself. Wishing you all the best in these tough times and thanks again for your inspiring story about everything you did to look after your Abbey.

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