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Hello @mags,

your words are so powerful, thank you for sharing your story – I am so so glad that you found a counsellor who understood your grief and loss, and was able to help you see this. You are absolutely right and it is completely understandable that you feel how you do – you are not alone.

Nobody else can know exactly how you feel, even those who share similar stories have not gone through your days to get where you are today. But we feel your loss in your words, and share it with you. We didn’t know the changes your body and mind went through as you began this path, but we hear your pain and share it with you.

Thank you for trusting us, and coming here. All our losses are different in so many ways, and yet we all share the hope and the support that gets us through. Welcome to the forum.

For now, I will suggest some simple resources that may help you. Firstly, please read this page:
It provides some simple tips on coping with grief by helping you to stay healthy. Sometimes we need every ounce of strength we can find to keep pushing through, and this provides you with some simple tips on how to do that.

Next, it might help to consider mindfulness and how this can help you to use acceptance to find peaceful moments and build your strength – this page helps to explain that:

Finally, this might seem obvious since you’re already here but please consider booking in a call with Griefline, or calling us on the helpline number when it’s open. Griefline absolutely understands the different forms grief can take and is here to support you.

And please keep coming back – we’re here for you.

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