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Hi Chloe, I’m so sorry for your loss 💔. My family and I are going through the same feelings as you. We had to put down our 17 year old chihuahua yesterday. She too had heart failure and various other health problems. Nothing can even prepare you for such a decision! We knew it was coming but it doesn’t make it any easier or hurt any less. They are such a big part of our family and we love them so much, that is why it hurts so much when they leave us! I can’t stop crying 😭 and same with my mum and sister. I think we just have to feel these feelings and let ourselves cry without judgment! I think anyone who has ever had,loved and lost a dog can understand and empathise with you. I think there is a stigma attached to losing a pet and that people should simply move on and get over it. I feel that the grief of losing a pet is comparable, if not greater, than losing a relative or friend, so it is important to take our time, to go through the stages of grief and be kind to ourselves.
I miss my little princess so so much and she will always be my little fur baby! She will always be in my heart.

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