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Reply To: Finally facing up to my traumatic grief

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Finally facing up to my traumatic grief Reply To: Finally facing up to my traumatic grief


Hi @asab1234

I’m sorry for your loss. The struggle you described reflects how important both your mum and your job are to you.

I can’t assume, but I hope you’ve allowed yourself some time to just sit with the grief.

Losing a parent bring up a lot of unresolved stuff in our relationships and even existential questions.
I lost my dad 4 year ago. I dived back into my high-pressure job less than 2 weeks after.
Needless to say, my mind was a little distracted and I wasn’t able to enjoy my work for some time, and I’m sure it affected my output.

Only after taking some much needed time off, where (amongst other things) I discovered a new way of continuing my bond with dad, and learning to go easy on myself that things shifted. I found it to be extremely healing.

I wish this for you too.

All the best. A big hug to you.

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