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@abby @babymushu @Sarah

I’m so sorry to hear you have lost your pets. I too have lost a few dogs and cats, some Ive lost suddenly due to traumatic events that happened to them, and others Ive had to put down due to illness or old age, however one of the hardest things Ive had to do is leave a pet behind because she was unable to come in to this country due to an antibody she had in her blood.It was hard because I couldn’t explain to her that I wasn’t abandoning her, I still have a lot of guilt when it comes to her, but she was ok after we left and has since passed away, I always thought I would be there for that day, but sadly I was not. Losing them is always hard, but I find comfort in that I almost always only have good, wonderful, amazing memories of all of them, and what I find really amazing is that we always have capacity to love another and another and another….

Thinking of all and would love to hear how you are all doing?

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