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@missmichelle73 Hi Michelle, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I get it. the non stop, overwhelming tears. I still have that sometimes and it has been almost 3 months since I said goodbye to my boy. It is so hard. I can tell from your first reply how much you loved your staffy and I can empathise with how much you must miss him because I feel that pain as well. I sometimes feel like it will never get easier, I will always yearn for him to be back in my arms or walking beside me or sleeping with me on my bed at night. I have been reading some books about grief, I found them at my local library and I think this has helped me. I try to acknowledge it every day that this is a part of me because Gus is a part of me. I find that learning about grief, reading about it and talking about it as well as talking about Gus helps me. There have been periods of time where I have not said his name out loud for days at a time and I hate that, it definitely made me feel sadder than I already did. So now, I try every day to talk to someone about him even if its just a passing comment about some small thing that reminds me of him. I say these to my partner, my friends, family and colleagues and even if the conversation moves quickly in its natural progression past my mentioning him, it still make my heart feel good to have acknowledged him.

I hope you are doing ok. I am thinking of you.

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