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Dear onajourney

Very grateful to you for your reassurance and encouragement.

I really find the only light that comes is here, if Im feeling like I’m helping others by being really honest, as honestly our feelings are just all over the place and unless your really blessed, to have around you the real love of people who can just be with you, let you do whatever at your own pace, that’s the only real help, sadly I’ve found it’s not like that and what scatterings are left (after a while) just don’t acknowledge anything and that’s just horrid and of course and all the usual stuff people thoughtlessly say……our beautiful people deserve so much more, so I do find I have to defend my grief, that’s so unfair for us people already suffering beyond.
So I find I’ve kind of isolated more until I can find a way to protect my heart, people talk about this a lot and I don’t think it’s the grievers that do it, I think it’s a huge lack of feeling anything but big happy in the world it’s all so pretend…..
I mean that comment said to you Jamie, it’s just absurd what people get away with, so cruel, so thoughtless so lacking even a shred of care for Josie….
After what seems a lifetime spent with my precious Sayge, and also having her later in life as I was 38, 43 with Archer, all that mattered was bringing up wholehearted beings.
What hope is there without our dear ones, gracious humble loving beautiful people.
Love to you all

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