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Hello @Boeee302, @duke2012 and @Sarah88,

you have all shared such loving words, thank you for sharing your stories with us. Hopefully it has helped that the three of you are here, listening to and supporting each other and showing that you’re not alone. With Griefline you are never alone, the helpline and the forum are here so that you have someone to walk beside you for those few minutes when you need it most.

I saw the most touching thing recently, someone who had lost their beloved Staffy had a recent photo of her sketched out by an artist and framed, she had the happiest smile I think I’ve ever seen on a dog and just looked so content, at a beach. I think finding ways to keep our loved ones in our lives and remember some of those amazing times we share with them is one way to help us cope.

Let us know how you’re doing, all of you.

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