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Hello @missmichelle73,

I am so sorry that you’re going through this, I can hear your love and loss so clearly. Rocco sounds like he was a really special dog and such a big part of your life, it is totally understandable that you’d feel this way. Grief is many things, but simple and short-lived are rarely on the list – it’s okay to be where you are and to feel how you feel and believe me you will not be alone in that. Through all the pain that comes with such a loss, we do sometimes discover we are stronger than we thought, can bear more than we thought possible.

There are so many others here in the forums who have loved and lost their four-legged family, I encourage you to share with them and reach out to them; I sometimes think of grief like trees in a forest – every one different and unique, and yet all the same in so many ways that count.

I hope you have found the care you need since you posted this, either from Griefline, from yourself and family, or from elsewhere. Every one of us here could do with support at one time or another, so please make sure you find as much as you can, We’re here for you.

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