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Hi @Boeee302.

I’ll join you in remembering our special furry friends/family and get a little personal here…
I still remember the pets I grew up with, and their passing. I will always miss them. Yet I will always keep living with pets. They are so special and such a part of our lives and I know when they pass it leaves a shadow in the corner of your eye that your think is them. Loving and loosing them is special. Sometimes I’m lucky and they visit me in my dreams. Despite the grief I will never ever regret loving them and our experiences made it worth it. You will get through this, and maybe one day you’ll be ready to share your love with another. Have you tried remembering your lost friend through creativity? Writing, poetry, art, music, arts and crafts, or collage? Would you feel ready to share your memories of him with us, or with family and friends? The emotions can be overwhelming after their passing, and that’s ok, slowly they won’t be overwhelming and your love for them and memories with them will remain, softly; as part of you. They may not be part of my day to day life anymore but I love to remember and honor my lost pets, even though at the time it was devastating.

I hope you pass through this stage soon, and maybe gained some comfort in our shared experiences.

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