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Reply To: Lost baby grandson now husband diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Lost baby grandson now husband diagnosed with stage 4 cancer Reply To: Lost baby grandson now husband diagnosed with stage 4 cancer


Hi @heartbroken,

Your story of a family touched by such devasation is so difficult to witness – I imagine only more difficult to experience – thank you deeply for sharing it. The loss of your deeply loved, anticpated and wanted grandson sounds immeasurable. To also witness your partners diagnosis alongside that leaves me shocked – your ability to write here is a testament to your internal well of strength.

The early stages of grief are often curated by the numb feelings that you described and are a completly valid human response to so much tradgedy. Many other emotions force their way up, like furosity or the general low feelings at these times which make taking care of yourself quite difficult – I wonder how your sleep and eating are going since you wrote this post? You say you’ve been living like zombies which can sometimes snowball the feelings in grief. It can seem so trivial or silly to focus on those things, but they are a foundation from which you can grieve safely. Its so hard to see the point of these things when life has dealt you such a blow, but I see there is a time to give yourself some compassion, that you deserve to have your needs met and your body taken care of. Griefline uses the EAST framework as a guide for taking care of logistical things that seem so pointless compared to our grief, but really assist our healing:

EAST – Connecting to Healthy Routines

The road ahead does indeed look dark from where you are – I hope that by writing hear some light has found its way into your path. Nothing will ever be the same without your grandson, or your husband – but talking about it could also be helpful, you’ve already taken the first step by expressing yourself here on the forums. You can also call the Griefline Helpline any day on 1800 845 745, or seek professional grief and loss counselling.

Keep writing this down, talking to those who can listen – we are here x

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