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Reply To: Lost my dad, gave birth 10 days later.

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Lost my dad, gave birth 10 days later. Reply To: Lost my dad, gave birth 10 days later.


hi Joncou,

How are you doing? I hope things have been getting better for your since your post. It sounds like you had so much change going on last year, and your complicated feelings around this all are completely valid and normal. It can be helpful to maintain of make new connections or to spend time outside but only when you are ready! I’m sorry that your partner doesn’t seem to be able to offer as much support as you needed, and I hope this has been improving. Have you been able to develop any support in the past year?
Please feel free to reach out through the forums or helpline (1300 845 745) at any time for a chat.

Best wishes,

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