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Hi @jackiez,

Thank you reaching out and for sharing your experience with such honesty and openness.

Reading your words, it sounds like you and your husband, David, had such a close and caring relationship together, and that you were an incredible support and advocate for him, through all he went through.

It is great to hear that the Griefline online support group was a positive experience, and the opportunity to connect with others, better understand your grief and learn tools to help you manage was valuable for you. Being able to get support with others who have shared experiences, can be such a powerful opportunity.

You certainly do sound strong to me, and you raise such important points about needing to grieve in your own way and setting boundaries to care for yourself. I like your comment that ‘some days are dark, but there is increasing light’.

Your resolve to be the author of your next stages of life and to honour David by living with positivity is so heartening. Thank you again for sharing.

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