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Reply To: My husband, my best friend, my anchor, my person, my one is gone!

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one My husband, my best friend, my anchor, my person, my one is gone! Reply To: My husband, my best friend, my anchor, my person, my one is gone!


Dear @nay15722,
Thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing how you currently feel. I am so sorry for your unexpected loss and that you are feeling lost, displaced, lonely, shocked and shattered—all this whilst dealing with being sick with covid.

The death of your loved one can be extremely traumatic, especially when it is not expected. I can’t begin to imagine how painful it must be to see friends with their partners when you have been left without your soul from your loss.

It’s natural to experience all the emotions you are feeling. Especially you are also dealing with finding a new home and work. As I read that you are looking for somewhere to live and work whilst dealing with this, I get a sense of your courage and strength.

Yet I feel the overwhelming heaviness of sorting your way through the chaos has put on you. Your ability to find the online forums at Griefline and be open and honest in reaching out shows that you have immense strength within yourself and the resilience to get through this chaos.

I’m just wondering what has been happening for you since your loss. Have you been able to eat, sleep or engage in any exercise?

It sounds as if you have supportive friends. If you need further support you may like to call the helpline at Griefline on 1300845745 – 6 am to 12 midnight to chat with a volunteer about your feeling.

Griefline has many online recourses, especially related to the loss of a loved one. This link may be helpful:

Continue to keep in touch through this forum, and take care. You are not alone, and we are here for you.

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