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Hi @james and @jordanlou,

I lost my Rhodesian Ridgeback 35 years ago now, and I have to say that whilst it gets easier, it never goes away. Morph was a character, the best dog I ever had and I felt like he was connected to my soul. He was the smartest dog I ever knew, built like a truck and he’d vet every person who came near my baby daughter, stare them in the eyes for a minute or two to let them know they were okay to approach – but hurt the little human, and he was taking their arm off. He was, simply, the best. Even today, writing about him brings a tear to my eye.

But it wouldn’t, if I hadn’t loved him as deeply and fiercely as I did. I am proud that I loved him that much, and certain he knew it too. So I choose to see my pain as a mark of my love and respect for my best friend. I’ll always carry it with me, because I want to carry it with me and not forget how great a dog he was.

I’m so sorry for your respective losses, I can only imagine the pain you feel. Please know that by coming here, in sharing your stories, you are helping others too – I’m now smiling as I write this, picturing the day Morph and I bumped into a huge male kangaroo as we walked through a forest. The roo looked at us, we looked at him, everyone froze. Then, after a few seconds (that felt like several minutes) the roo hopped off, and we heard him disappearing into the distance.

Then, after a moment of silence Morph runs forward, stares after him and barks aggressively, the coward!

The pain of losing him might not fade, but neither do those memories, and they warm my heart.

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