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Dear Teew

Thank you for reaching out to Griefline.

I am wondering how the past few days have been for you since you posted on the forum?

As someone who has experienced the loss of two loved ones by suicide, I can understand the shock you describe, as well as the numbness. These are normal feelings, as well as sadness and anger if it does arise at some point.

I hear that people holding a space for your anger, but it is more sadness you are experiencing right now. It can be sad to put yourself into your loves ones shoes when they were feeling so low. It might be difficult for you to understand how this could happen when you both had plans to look forward to. It is also sad to feel the loneliness of his passing.

I am wondering how you have been taking care of yourself since your dad’s passing? And how have your family come together at this time?

I really appreciate your advice to other people who may be experiencing hard times and considering taking their life. You are an advocate for those people; what a gift.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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