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VM- thanasis43

Hi @missingher Thank you for sharing your experience and feelings. Your loss sounds very sudden, which is its own kind of trauma.

Feeling like you’re seeing your wife in places you once shared with her is very normal too. So much of this is to do with what our brain has learned is true over the past years, where you created memories together. Now it’s struggling to grasp this new reality as it can no longer map where she is. This produces the hurt and yearning, which we know as grief.

Place is a key trigger of memories and maybe you could in fact use this as an opportunity and write some of these memories down?

Have you visited the Griefline website and had a look at the resources for coping with grief and loss? You may find some of the below links useful in helping you manage the feelings of loss you are experiencing:

Coping with Loss

Grief Recovery Part 1: In Search of Lost Strengths

Maybe you would also be interested in joining a Griefline support group ( Or chatting to one of the Griefline counsellors on 1300 845 745?

We are here, and listening, keep talking x

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