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Dear @teew,

I am really sorry about your loss and the challenges you and your family must have been through in these past few months. It must have been a devastating experience for you to lose someone you love at such a young age and so unexpectedly, especially when you were so looking forward to the movies and meeting your dad after a long time, and came home to seeing police officers and crying mum. My heart goes out to you for your loss and the suffering you have endured.

Losing someone is stressful and upsetting, especially since you were not given a chance to say goodbye…yet you show incredible resilience and courage to write this post, and you are even trying to help others who may have similar experiences! I wonder how have you been coping with the loss of your dad – with all the shock, the confusion, and the heartbreak. How are you doing?

You may have seen these articles on the Griefline’s Resource Hub, but I thought it may be helpful to share it with you again to understand the symptoms of grief and some ways to cope;

Coping with Grief

Grief Recovery Part 1: In Search of Lost Strengths

Hey @teew, I want to let you know that we care for you. We are here to listen and support you, and we hope to hear back from you. Feel free to reply to my post, or call Griefline (1300 845 745) from 6am to 12am AEDT.

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