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Hi Starman, so sorry you have lost your sweet Susie, she most certainly is an impossible ‘act to follow’ with her incredible resilience and kind heart.
I’m glad you found the courage to write and find some comfort in the words of other broken-hearted people on the forum.
The way you describe your wife is exactly how everyone spoke about my son, I can picture them together somehow, wherever they are now…
I can relate to the transplant process, as my son passed away 7mths tomorrow from a lung transplant rejection.
I’m glad you have support from others and returning to work provides distraction, but take it slow when and if you need to – those symptoms we all seem to endure can last a long time, or can knock you down again when you least expect it.
Losing our direction and purpose in life is another casualty, everything has forever changed, impossible to envisage right now, so I just try to get through each day.
The emptiness and silence at home is one of the hardest to bare, I keep the radio on all day, and wear his dressing gown, whatever gets you through hey xx

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