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Reply To: Break up of a family members 10yr Marriage

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Home Forums Personal relationships Break up of a family members 10yr Marriage Reply To: Break up of a family members 10yr Marriage


Hi @Shorty59,

I can very much relate to your story, as I’ve recently gone through a similar experience. My daughter has broken up with her partner of around 10 years, he was someone we saw as a son to us. He was at every Christmas and family event, we thought he’d be there for many years to come, and suddenly he is gone.

Grief takes many shapes, at it’s core it is our struggle to cope with change. In my case, I grieved for that loss, and still do. I had a lot of anger as well as loss, as a lot of negative things came out in the light, in our case.

I think it’s perfectly understandable to feel that loss keenly, and to feel the sadness you’ve described for your family and the changes this will bring. You’ve shown strength in coming here and sharing your story, and that strength will help you all as your family heals and copes with the change.

It’s always good to consider finding the help you need – whether that’s through counselling, or through your support network. The people here at GriefLine can be a great help and are very supportive in the forums. Keep coming back.

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