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Reply To: Buried my son on xmas eve

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Hi dear Sandy,
Lovely to meet you! And thankyou for your trust!! I can feel it’s just been such a heart wrenching time for you and I’m starting to get that our dreadful pain is our unbounded deep love for our children, such pain, it’s unfathomable for anyone but us here to grasp…..Your so right! I really can’t expect any good to come from anyone I already know, especially family, I’ll just stay at my weeding and with our dear animal friends and Archer of course…so I don’t know how to link things so I can tell you if you look up http://www.compassionate you can navigate for your area, I hope that’s a little helpful…
So I decided to look up Joanne cacciatore talks and she has quite a lot to listen too, I feel comforted that she really gets this and like Greivingmum will get her book, so far besides the compassionate mag I’ve not been able to read anything, and I’ll listen too more of her talks…
I also looked up talks on and he loss of a child from parents and found a talk by penny (forgot last. Name) it was a ted talk and found her raw honesty comforting…if I find anything else shall keep you in mind….
I love your empathy
I love your raw beauty
Grateful for your friendship here
XxMuch love Deb

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