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Dear Manchal
Thanking you so, it’s been an emotional time writing this and I’ve been so scared to write from my heart, I really appreciate your sincerity and encouragement…. So that’s why I’m here because my dear family has no concrete support at all, we have no family who care at all, I’m fact haven’t even acknowledged this tragedy it’s so painful to know people never cared and don’t now!! About my precious girl…we had some friends who’ve just abandoned us now even though we try to keep in touch, I end up feeling like I’m badgering people….I’m pretty angry about it all now…you feel like saying try this for a day and see how you go….I don’t know what’s wrong with people that they just can’t or won’t feel some compassion….anyway that’s why I’m here with you all, I see your pain, I’m in it and it’s just unbearable, here we can find what we need the most, understanding empathic hearts, so thank you so much everyone for the care

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