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Reply To: Buried my son on xmas eve

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Buried my son on xmas eve Reply To: Buried my son on xmas eve


Hi Dear Moon
We are all here to support one another and it gives me hope to just be! with you ….it’s so lovely that you said you can share some compassion with others, and I see you doing that so much here and you know Moon to do that is no small thing! So we’re all grateful to you, that must be a strength you hold….
How were you yesterday as I’ve had a few contacts with people who yest struggled harder than other days? I sure did! Sobbing and hopeless all day and exhausted, I finally wrote a post here that I felt sort of allowed me to say something without going into the horrors we al here know too well, I just can’t do that!! but it felt right for me but gee I was a wreak doing it so so painful and through many many tears so scared putting ourselves out!there! But like you just so desperate for understanding….I think I’ve opened the flood gates though as today I’ve been just so upset with all the promises from “caring” people that come to nothing I’ve had enough so sent a few msgs out….it comes n goes that anger with others most times I just feel like you say, given up on any support from others….
So I wanted also to mention again the association the compassionate friends for you as they have a magazine which comes and they do have quite a lot to offer, I did have one lady who came to see us and although she’s so wonderful (she travels quite a way) her husband is now suffering that horrible thing our beautiful children had so I don’t wanna worry her too much….
Also yes thank you last night on our puppy walk around the property a big white owl sitting in a pine tree (I love pines and always sit under them) just looking right at me….thank you darling heart I’ll keep watching for your signs
Lots of love, always with you
Gosh long msg!!

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