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Hello @Debsayge,

I almost feel like I know just a tiny part of your darling girl, that was so powerful – thank you so much for sharing. Those words are so powerful and so rich with your loss that they hit me deep down. We may not be with you, but we are sharing this moment with you, at least.

Your words painted a picture filled with life, love and magical moments. I almost smelt that coffee, saw those flowers, and felt the love that you had for each other. You have so much strength to share this, and you should be proud of how well you’ve done to come here, reach out and share.

You are so brave to come here and to share this, to trust us with your story. Loss is never easy, and some losses seem so wide and deep. And yet, you are not alone. I am sure others will be just as touched, just as strengthened by your amazing telling.

I hope you are getting the support you need – here in the forums, and elsewhere. I’m sure your daughter would say she is proud of you, for your words and for the strength you’ve shown today.

Take care, and come back.

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