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Thankyou VM-LAJM 😊 I’m feeling a lot better now. Depressive episode passed. Yes of course. So exercise, listening & dancing to music which is one of my fav things to do. Going for a walk in nature, by the river or the beach. Meditating & doing breath work. Body balance classes & many other dance type work out classes. Taking a relaxing bath with a candle lit & meditation relaxing music playing. Chatting with a family member or a close friend & spending time with them. Watching a funny movie or show. I have just started journaling also. Im a healthy eater & drink water only. That is a great idea to write a list of the things that make me feel good. I do have things off the top of my head but having a list is a really good idea so Thankyou! Thankyou all so very much for taking the time out of your day to comment, means the world to me ♥️

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