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Hey Deb, all here, another day of wandering from room to room staring at all the things I could/should do, but end up sitting on the back deck just staring into space, reminiscing. Can’t find the motivation, everything seems pointless as my son will never inhabit this house again. How does a mother live without her child ?
I come here to be heard because I will never stop talking about my son, even though others’ no longer mention his name.
Deb, I’d like to invite you to feel safe, here, I and others’ are listening and holding hands with you. To be honest, writing my thoughts down, in my own time, is my therapy. I don’t like face to face consults, and have put a pause on the telephone counselling as I found it too overwhelming. Brought up other losses and wounds I don’t have the strength to revisit, though I appreciate the space to talk about whatever I want to and not be judged. Maybe try it, if you find it hard to write.
I got a 3rd reminder that my license has expired, no biggy, don’t have a car anyway, have been putting it off as I need to revert all my id back to my maiden name. Ok, been divorced for a very long time, but with 4 kids in school, one in and out of hospital for 10 years, wanted to keep the same surname, not to be mistaken for one of the many evil stepmum’s of my ex, if you understand. It will liberating, but also ? I don’t know, like a last nail in the coffin somehow…

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