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Reply To: Lost both my parents to terminal illness.

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Dear child at heart
My heart opens for you for all your troubles, I’ve been struggling desperately with the tragic loss of my beautiful child Sayge who is barely 19, the birth of Sayge was the first time in my life which I felt I belonged and losing her, closeness caring tender heart has broken me completely….( I do have a younger son n my partner who I love so much) being so shattered is tormenting and I’ve found the lack of everyone around me to just be loving, understanding, oh no supportive it’s just not there….it’s been a shock….I completely understand your limbo and that the people around you have not been supportive ….there is a strength in you that you may not see, though just look at all you’ve been able to deal with and keeping on trying….you are amazing….im sure others here will respond soon, there are many supportive people here and we are all holding you….thanks for sharing and keep doing so…
Love to you

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