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Hi Deb, everyone, sorry again for the onslaught of video clips, you must all know by now that’s how I try to express my feelings often.
So I had my doc’s appt on Monday, had to get a script today, decided to go a different local chemist, wasn’t up to the “how are you going look” from our usual pharmicist. But they remember my family history also, and asked how I was (script was for an anti-depressant hey). I’m glad I was the only one there because I could ask about safely disposing of all my sons cytoxic (cancer meds) plus the million others. There’s the most empathetic ‘take care of yourself’ look, I could only half smile back. What made my day was helping an elderly man almost fall just outside the chemist. I actually waited for him and helped him back into his car. I needed that gift of his 2 min banter to distract myself temporarily.
My son’s father and I were divorced b4 the kids can remember, I know grief changes relationships, everything, and it’s very individual. Despite my loneliness, I’m kinda grateful I don’t have a relationship to tend to. I wouldn’t want to be around myself either sometimes, so I prefer to lie low yeah.
Wish I could do weeding like you, but have physical issues, that limit me to balcony pot plants these days.
Hey Deb, if not here, have you found a safe place to share yet (Hugs)

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