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Reply To: Buried my son on xmas eve

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Dearest all weeping sisters reading, Dear Moon, I find I think of you often, sitting outside, even in the cold , like me I spend all day outside then just sit in my pool of tears, just like Alice, the mad hatters tea party looks like the rest of the world to me now. And we are still, like a rock I thought in a fast flowing torrent ….I know you sisters all get that….
Yes I do have a partner (30yrs) how can I say!! He tries, we are so very different…. My life has been a devotional one to my children…they are all that’s ever made sense in a hurtful world….now nothing makes sense….I used to always have a move to make, life was just unfolding and it all just worked….I am outta moves, no idea what to do now…
Hoping your days have been more peaceful since having to go out…
So dear Moon I think of you while I’m sorta weeding
Love strength to us all

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