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Reply To: Young widow due to sudden death (early 30s)

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Young widow due to sudden death (early 30s) Reply To: Young widow due to sudden death (early 30s)


Hi bereavedwife, bravo for posting, that takes courage, other’s will reply soon I’m sure. Hugs meantime.
I’m grieving the recent loss of my son and still very much in disbelief each morning that I won’t hear his voice or see him again.
Although different, he, we, had plans too, and yes his circle of friends keep on living in despite of his loss, the world relentlessly keeps turning.
My relationship with friends has also changed, everything has changed forever, I just cannot picture another moment without him , how can it be so.
I too tried to find online support groups but had the opposite challenge, my son was over 18yrs so I was no longer eligible.
Yeah, one day at a time or more like one minute at a time and 4 seasons in one day, least that’s how many of us here feel.
Even the moons and stars seem meaningless without him, but I’m here, reaching out ’cause I know I’m not alone xx

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