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Dear Moon,
I’m so glad you answered, thanks so….we’re in melb (western port area) so that’s annoying, was hoping you were closer….I’ve a terrible family all don’t care about our lives at all, always been difficult but I’m the one who’s always tried, not anymore!
I’m too so lonely, alone in my head with so much trauma and just cry all the time it’s impossible pain isn’t it Moon!! All friends have abandoned us now… I rarely go out I’m feeling so afraid to as everything we did we did together (we homeschooled)my Archer is 16 he’s as wonderful as his darling sister Sayge. We spend all our time outside we have a small farm, don’t do much, too exhausted just help Archer….I take my hurt out on the weeds, weeding is all I’m capable of, the house is a mess inside as I just can’t be in there, is that mad!!!
No I don’t think you post too much I’m glad that you are, we need to be able to talk somewhere and receive validation from all these beautiful hurting souls, those Not afraid to be real.
May is too hard m/day and my b/day Sayge always spoiled me with handmade everything’s and I miss the love so bad….I’m very heartsick and still so shocked to the core, I just ache n shake all the time….I think of you through my broken heart and wish us to all be showered with the strength to bare the unbearable.
I still don’t have the courage to write anything, although talking to you is something, thanking you for helping me do that
Love to us all

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