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Hello @Amber,

I am soo sorry that you lost your mother to suicide. I can imagine it would feel like your grief has somehow been left behind when the world just kept on moving forward, especially as you were busy caring for your two brothers. I have experienced that feeling you describe where it felt like everyone just kept going on with their lives, celebrating, having fun, rolling with life’s changes and there I was feeling stuck and like I just couldn’t move. It can be a very isolating and lonely experience. I think this feeling can also make it feel much harder to accept where you are, leading to a loneliness as you grieve. I see a great strength in you by reaching out on the forums.

How are you feeling today? I would love to hear how you are going. I hope you are able to feel more supported here and less alone in your grief. Others have shared similar losses such as @suraus and @katb

Take care.

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