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Hi Sunflower, all mother’s and daughters. Yeah I’m glad it’s over and I can venture to the supermarket again without every promo in my face.
Honestly too much, I buried him xmas eve, his b’day in march, then mother’s day, stop., pause.., rewind please.. can’t catch my breath yet…
My father was born on mother’s day, 8th May end of world war 11 also, wish he was here to comfort me, but he passed when my son (twins) were only 9 mths old.
Sunday was a quiet day for me, didn’t expect my other children to visit, they’re grieving in their own way, which I totally get. I mean how could we play a card game together without the poker face winner this year ? He got dealt the losing hand simply too soon ago yeah.
I had my first grief line telephone counselling yesterday, felt so good having someone listen to my story, without worrying how my words might affect them, do you know what I mean ? She asked me questions, replies I would not necessarily share, so tried to be open and honest, and I felt heard, which, I believe, at the end of the day that’s what we basically all need. I certainly want and need it. Hugs to all (fathers, sons, brothers too )

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