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Mothers’ Day ?

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Mothers’ Day ?

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    Hello grief community, I thought I’d start a new thread as I am certain I am not alone in dreading this day and would welcome hearing how others are feeling?
    Personally, I am so over all the adds on the radio/tv I have to turn the volume down as I might just throw something at it, if I hear one more.
    I’m a mother without a mother (she passed away when I was 12) but this will be my first as a mother without her child.
    I won’t be getting a hand drawn card from my son this year. Yes, even at 19 he would draw me a 4 page card with a poem or song lyrics. I’ve kept every single one since even before pre-school. Neither will there be a long lazy lunch sitting on the deck playing cards and board games, as per tradition.
    His twin sister and two elder brothers will probably call, they know it won’t be a day I will feel like celebrating as much as I am grateful to still be their mother.
    Penny for your thoughts xxx

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    Dearest Moon,

    Thank you for starting a new thread, it creates a clean slate to focus on the upcoming Mothers day and what that means for us all.
    Your son must have been such a wonderful boy to create beautiful creative pieces even at age 19. The collection of his gifts a true treasure. Thinking of you and his twin sister and elder brothers in this time. May you hold on tight to each other.

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    Oh dear Moon,
    I am sending love and strength to all broken Mumma’s, the day will drag us through, that’s how I feel….I will say a prayer to devote all my pain and suffering to all of us in the hope some Mumma’s may feel less….
    I’ve tried now this is my 2nd day to get through not to be aware of dates, but even though don’t watch tv or radio it still filters in ….my beloved Sayge Always made it so special, along with Archer my boy…everything thoughtfully handmade beautiful painted cards with enriching words of love and goodness….always a tradition in our happy loving home….I’m beyond sad….the emptiness is deafening…. Way too much to lose…I’ve been alone all my life without any lovingness, until I held my sweet girl….I feel like I’ve now been shoved back there….I adore my boy too but to lose my Sayge I think you feel like everything’s just gone.
    Thinking of you dear Moon, and holding all broken Mumma’s in my thoughts


    My son sent me this clip in his last days xxx


    Hi Moon,

    Yes I dread this day too. I’m not a mum, but I lost my mum a couple or years ago. I know there isn’t much that will make you feel better during this time but I hope the sun will shine extra bright for you.


    Dear Moon,
    So sorry for your loss, there is no love like a mothers love for her child and to lose a child is the greatest most unbearable pain.
    I too am a bereaved Mother. I lost my Beautiful first born Son this year. This to will my first mothers day without him.
    I think we just need to let the tears flow and feel whatever we need to as there is no easy road when it comes to losing a child.
    Sending all Bereaved Mothers Love strength & Comfort on Mothers Day XX


    I shed every tear my body could yesterday, so tomorrow will be ok, I hope xxx


    My son and I followed these central coast buskers since their beginning, now their famous ! love this track xx


    Jimmy kept me company today xx


    Hello mothers and daughters, how are you all today ? Music has always been my best friend, so hope some resonates with you.
    It was a language I shared with my son when there were no words needed, and will remain so always.
    Ok so I did wait on the back deck for a little sign, a butterfly or something, until the sun set and it just got too cold.
    I’ve had uncanny visits before, owls especially so hoped for a hello, but went to bed early, exhausted by tears.
    Like most we dream of our lost loved one, I do each night, but in the early hours this morning I had such a surreal moment.
    In my dream I was standing outside the icu ward, full of doctors, when my son motions me to come in and lie beside him.
    I kiss his eyelids and he still feels warm. The machines are silent, but he turns his head and smiles at me and says,
    can I please have another swim in the pool, I love you mummy, can I ?. I say yeah sure, but why are your eyes such a lighter colour suddenly now?
    He just smiled and said, because I feel lighter ! I’m going to try to re-dream this xxx

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)
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