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Hello mothers and daughters, how are you all today ? Music has always been my best friend, so hope some resonates with you.
It was a language I shared with my son when there were no words needed, and will remain so always.
Ok so I did wait on the back deck for a little sign, a butterfly or something, until the sun set and it just got too cold.
I’ve had uncanny visits before, owls especially so hoped for a hello, but went to bed early, exhausted by tears.
Like most we dream of our lost loved one, I do each night, but in the early hours this morning I had such a surreal moment.
In my dream I was standing outside the icu ward, full of doctors, when my son motions me to come in and lie beside him.
I kiss his eyelids and he still feels warm. The machines are silent, but he turns his head and smiles at me and says,
can I please have another swim in the pool, I love you mummy, can I ?. I say yeah sure, but why are your eyes such a lighter colour suddenly now?
He just smiled and said, because I feel lighter ! I’m going to try to re-dream this xxx

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