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Oh dear Moon,
I am sending love and strength to all broken Mumma’s, the day will drag us through, that’s how I feel….I will say a prayer to devote all my pain and suffering to all of us in the hope some Mumma’s may feel less….
I’ve tried now this is my 2nd day to get through not to be aware of dates, but even though don’t watch tv or radio it still filters in ….my beloved Sayge Always made it so special, along with Archer my boy…everything thoughtfully handmade beautiful painted cards with enriching words of love and goodness….always a tradition in our happy loving home….I’m beyond sad….the emptiness is deafening…. Way too much to lose…I’ve been alone all my life without any lovingness, until I held my sweet girl….I feel like I’ve now been shoved back there….I adore my boy too but to lose my Sayge I think you feel like everything’s just gone.
Thinking of you dear Moon, and holding all broken Mumma’s in my thoughts

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